Essential Options from a Divorce Lawyer


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In a divorce case, it is important not to choose any lawyer. Here are the tips for choosing the right lawyer. The first advice we can give you is the following: choose a lawyer specializing in family law and divorce. So avoid choosing a lawyer that you have been advised but who is not specialized in divorce. Likewise, avoid the choice of a lawyer who happens to be your friend. This is not always the best solution.

Good to know: the list of lawyers is available in the Courts of Higher Instance or the Bar Association.

The qualities of a good lawyer: availability, ease of language and listening

A good lawyer is listening to his client. It is possible to realize these qualities during the first interview.

  • Does his advice seem right to you?
  • Are you asking enough questions?
  • Is he attentive to the particularity of your case?

The lawyer must also be available. This is not the case for all lawyers. Available, that means reachable by phone. If you call your lawyer and the lawyer does not answer you within 48 hours, change your lawyer. Your lawyer should keep you regularly informed of the progress of the divorce proceedings. Everyone is not a lawyer. Lawyers have a duty to make understandable a subject, the law, often very complex. With the use of divorce lawyer free consultation the options come up.

A lawyer who does not demonstrate a minimum of pedagogy, who does not do everything possible to make you clearly understand the issues, what the law says, should be avoided!

Good to know: it is possible at any time of the divorce procedure to change your lawyer. Be aware however that the cost of a change of lawyer is not negligible. You will have to pay the fees of the first lawyer before changing your lawyer. It is therefore advisable to take your time to choose your lawyer right the first time! It should also be known that disputes between you and your lawyer may be brought before the President of the Bar Association to which your lawyer belongs.

Fair fees

The lawyers’ fees are free. In the case of divorces, the fees depend on the number of hours that the lawyer devotes to your file. Except in the case of divorce by mutual consent, where sometimes the lawyer can offer you a package.

Guarantee of transparency, this convention will avoid you having unpleasant surprises! However, you will need to be specific on your requirements. Then only you will be having the smartest deals available for the same. You can be sure of the best outcome with the support of these lawyers. They will offer you the best support as per the requirement now.

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